NATIVE, notebook



Native is a geometric shape design, that came out of a trip to colorado canyon we took last year, while looking at native american art, all those geometric triangles repeated along each art and craft we saw, and it was really interesting to us, how a culture so close to the earth and organic would use over and over this shapes, so we become curious about it, and we start a series of explorations of those shapes for our products, native is one of those explorations, really simple but identifiable, here are some symbolism we used:

In our design a symmetric of a group of triangles mirrors itself upside down, a triangle pointing up means male, solar, mountain, active… while a triangle upside down means female, lunar, cave, passive…

The distribution in the design and the way it is done expresses balance, and merges into a center piece. The design also wants to express emotions, feelings up and downs, positive and negative world look at it in balance and ascension, primary meaning of the triangle shape.

Each part of the composition is inside a big rhomb that contains up triangles on its pointing down area and down triangles on its pointing up area… All of them working into the same idea, balance, connection of the low to the top, the earth and the sky the body and the mind.