This is our studio and this is our story!!

Designs Tandem is a Studio Boutique, born two years ago from the minds and hands of Gemma Fenol and Eloi Moli.  Both born in Barcelona but based in Venice, CA, where we design and handcraft stationery and small furniture pieces.

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As designers we come across a lot of new ideas and inspirations every day, that somehow accompany us trough our creative journeys, quite often designers get overwhelmed by what’s out there, in our studio we try to keep it simple, only designing items when the idea is original and strong enough, we have been creating each design over time, just those that feel right, different, clean and simple.

We value over anything else those designs that can be made by the designer, we prototype avoiding manufacturing and mass industry, learning new skills when the material demands it, making them more personal getting closer to the design and the whole process, which also makes possible to see and experience what the user will feel , and transmit this feeling throughout each unique piece.

Smart, simple and clean… with a design empahsis on the material and process.

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Limited editions of 30 items per design. “Self-stationery” pieces that speak of our clients personality and style…

The Studio looks at design with new perspective where all the arts come/ merge  together.

We want to connect the designer with the craftsman and the user, we create strong collaborative relationships with our clients and vendors, to make products that speak to them and go with their needs.

Each piece belongs to a  limited edition of only 30 items. Each notebook comes numbered and hand stamped on the interior of the back cover.


We design a collection of items per each shop that sells our products, and that is because each shop has different demands, different public and different branding. Each shop is unique and special, and their clients are as unique and special as where they buy from, and that for us is a very important asset.

We mix handmade, organic feeling with a modern touch, we don’t try to be rustic or imperfect, but the opposite, each design is made with a lot of detail, and putting a lot of effort to make it perfect, or said in other words, less imperfectly handmade as possible, but organic and keeping that nice little human touch.

We create collaborative relationships with our clients and vendors, creating a unique collection per each shop that sells our products.


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Each items is made by hand one by one…

Hard bond cover, created from local and natural products, that respect the environment. Our Notebooks are made with 100% cotton fabric and natural colors, made in the US.

The inside pages are acid free and recycled paper, the designs have different shapes, sizes, colors and some of them are painted or foiled. We really focus on the quality of our products where each one is cut out separately one by one and finished by hand.

Thank you for your interest in us!!